• Art Pack Updates


    All art packs are currently being packed and shipped.


    Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

    A: Orders are processed daily - your order should be received by you within 5-7 working days from your placement of order.


    Q: I am not happy with the pack I ordered.

    A: We only order limited stocks of each pack. Please choose carefully. We do not exchanged on pre ordered packs.


    Q: I forgot to use my coupon code (ck2021) for this year and got charged for my order?

    A: No problems, just email us on art@sharonveness.com.au and we will arrange a refund to you in the form that you paid.


    Q: Do you accept Active Kids Vouchers?

    A: No. We only accept Creative Kids Vouchers.


    Q: How do I get a Creative Kids Voucher?

    A: Apply to Service NSW for your voucher. You are entitled to one voucher per year for $100. Here is the link to apply.


    Q: How do I get the online component for the art kit?

    A: Just log into our online platform and you can download the content for free, just go to our online courses section on the website to gain access.


    Q: I would like personalised training.

    A: We don't provide personalised training, all art training is of a generic nature and we try to cater to all ages.


    To purchase a creative kids pack click on this link to view the packs available.

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