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Why do I do this??

Art Therapy and Creativity Coaching

Has someone ever said you are not good at art or you should not do that cause someone else is better?

Read the quote from "Brene Brown" in the attached picture.

I have created my whole business around this!!

🌹 You are good enough to do what you want.
🌈 You are good enough to create.
💃 You are good enough to dance.
🎤 You are good enough to sing.
🎼 You good enough to create music.

This happened to me!!!! And guess what it changed the way I did things. Perfectionism kicked in and I stopped doing all the things - because I could not colour that friggin cat in blue (cause cats are not blue) Yep 6 years old.

So forever I tried to be perfect in every way, I second guessed everything I ever did. I tried to always do my best at everything and if I did not think it was perfect it was not good enough. What even is that?

This has taken me forever to stop and it still kicks in sometimes. Then you get the ones that say "oh its good....but" But f#$%ing what!!!!! I did it!!!!!

People that come to my groups and classes say "I cannot paint or draw" and do you know what I say to them?

"Shut up"

"Shut up - cause everyone can paint and draw - can you hold a pencil - then you can draw" end of story.

Then we get to it - creativity coaching - far out I love this stuff - it is like gold information coming from your brain. It lets out all the crazy shit that you have held in for your whole life and lets it out through artwork. Some of that shit that you have held on to has forced you to be someone that you might not want to be. Has forced you to say and do things that might not resonate with you.

These "held" feelings can create illness and pain in your body for no apparent reason.

Time to let that stuff go!!!! NOW

You can see I am super passionate about this topic and I want to spread the word about this amazing modality of healing.

Art therapy and creative coaching is the bomb. 💥 I love working with business women that have these blockages around creativity and mindset and we breakdown those fears and feelings of not being good enough, so that you can live your best life and be your best self.

✅You can have the business and life that you deserve and that you want.
🦹‍♀️ Just know that I am here to cheer you on every day.

Interested to find out more about this type of work - book a free discovery session with me today - what do you have to lose?

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