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Creativity as a coping tool

are you using to your best advantage

So I have been hearing a lot lately about people resorting to art and being creative during lockdown and these stressful times.

So it got me thinking - WHY?

Why does it have to come to something like this for us to realise that being creative is something that we should do on a regular basis.

Something that should be part of our lives always - everyday even.

Something that we should not resort to when times are tough.

It's like illness, sometimes we wait and wait to go to the doctor and by the time we get there we are so sick it is too late to treat some illnesses.

As a creative person, I understand it is not always easy to allow yourself time to be creative.

(Inner Critic Voice here) It's a waste of time! You have better things to do! What will you do with that....painting, craft work etc.

Yep I have said it all.

The tool of creativity helps us to express ourselves, to express our feelings, to express our frustrations, to explore what’s troubling us. Creativity lets our minds and bodies unwind. And even more than that, creativity is an opportunity to connect to ourselves.

I work with clients all the time that have disconnected from themselves in this way. Disconnected from life sometimes.

It is just the simple joy of connecting back to our creative being that is what we need in life sometimes.

I hear people say often, "oh I am not creative" "Oh I cannot draw" "oh I cannot do that" "oh I would not do art therapy, cause I am not arty"

I call bullpoop to you!

Because everyone is arty - if you can hold a pencil, then you can be arty.

In my art sessions, I show you just this, that you don't need to be arty to participate in creativity sessions.

I have tools and tips that help you relax and reconnect to that little kid inside of you that loved to colour in, but were told that you were no good at art so should do something else instead.

And yes this was me - ehem (throat clear) have you seen my art?

Yes I am self taught - cause I did not have the confidence to go to art school and I did not ever show a sole my artwork until recently. I always used my creativity in stressful situations, but to show a person what I did - no fricken way!

Now that I have been studying art therapy and other amazing modalities in the past few years, it's time for me to share this amazing gift with you.

You are creative!

You deserve to have some time to yourself!

You are an amazing person and you can have creativity in your life in more ways than one.!

I am here to cheer you on, to change your mindset about what creativity looks like.

To show you that creativity is a tool you should have in your life on a daily basis. Don't wait for the next horrible thing to happen in life (insert next pandemic or life issue) do it NOW!

Speak to me about one on one creativity coaching sessions, you wont regret it. It may even change your life.

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