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You owe it to yourself

I have talked to lots of parents in the past few weeks.
The main thing that I have discovered........
Lots of adults love to art and create and this year has been a great year to re explore our creative side.
The sad thing I hear them tell me is that they don't create or they say "I can't paint or draw" because of something that some stupid teacher said (sorry teachers) or something that their parent said when they were young.
Maybe told that they could not make a living out of a creative career or that they were not good at drawing.
This breaks my heart every time I hear this. We were all born to be creative. We are all born with creative wisdom, it is our inner critic that switches our creative off and keeps us safe from criticism.
Well I say, pick up that paint brush, pick up that pencil, pick up that crayon and create. Just doodle draw, sketch some colour blocks, make marks and lines. Just explore the art of creativity, it does not have to look like anything.
You will find that when you unleash this creative side of you, things that you never expected with open up. The art of creativity is believing in yourself. Believing in your ability. This belief will overflow into other parts of your life.
So........what are you going to create this week?
This is my painting "Reflections" that I created in 2019 and she hangs in my loungeroom just waiting for her forever home


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