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Mindset & The Divine Goddess

What kind of life are you living?

Hi Friends,

So I have a confession to make. Yep!!! really.
I did not always have a great mindset!
I always wanted to be an artist, but I did not follow my passion.....I listened to everyone else around me all he time.
I took on other peoples views, I tool on other peoples dreams and goals.
I was not living an authentic life.

And here is the thing, I did all right, really. But I always felt like something was missing from my life.

I dabbled in art here and there and chatted to my friends about it, but never ever did anything about it.......truth - I did not believe in all......

I know how stupid is you find yourself feeling like this sometimes? Living a life you don't want, a life that is not fulfilling your passions.

Then a few years ago, I had this zany idea that I would change my career, yep I used to be an accountant (I hear you all yawning)....I wanted to incorporate art into my life and help people.

So I went on a research blitz - art therapy kept coming up for me, I spoke with friends and they kind of dismissed me, cause they did not care what I did, but I persisted.

And this is where it get interesting folks. I got really sick - I mean really sick, lay on the lounge for 3 months kind of sick.....I meditated a lot, I reflected a lot....I had already studied and passed all my work, but I still was not living the life I wanted.

I took this as a lesson, during a meditation, the vision of what I really wanted came to me....yep, I do weird stuff like that!!!!

And my business was born.....I manifested the shit out of it, and here I am today, doing what I love, getting to wear my pink clothes everyday, cause let's face it, you can never have enough pink in your life right!

This year I will be taking on another mode of study, transpersonal counseling incorporating art therapy, so I will have another amazing tool to offer my clients going forward.

But that brings me to this long is your mindset right now??

Are you living authentically
Are you doing what you really want to do
Don't make the same mistake I made and wait 30 odd years to do something that you really want
Are you ready to make the change, to change your mindset, to make the changes in your life that will really mater for the future.

Cause I love all of you, I have written it all down for you in my new E-Book - Mindset and The Divine Feminine - the most amazing rules that I live by in my life right now.

Clearing that shitty inner critic and embracing love and abundance at every angle.

Are YOU ready to make these changes too???

Download my e-book and have a read, what is the worst that can happen?

It may even help you change your life!

Happy reading everyone

With love Sharon xx


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