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Inner Critic - Is she kind?

Is your Inner Critic ruling you?

We all have her right! That inner critic - she is a bitch!

All the shitty thoughts that she brings up for you......

She lives in the left side of your brain!

By creating art or by journaling or art journaling, we use the right side of our brain. By using this side, we silence this shitty critical bitch.

Our inner critic makes us focus on the outcome, not the process. Once we become creative, we focus on the process and not the outcome hence silencing this inner critic.

So if you want to see some progress on a plan, work endeavour or artisic venture, create art, doodle, art journal or just draw something, it will trigger the better side of your brain your creative side and help you think clearly and without criticism from that little bitch.

Pretty cool hey!

This is why I love art journaling.
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