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The raw truth about being you.....

So I painted this back in the olden days (lol according to my kids) in 1985 - when I was 15 - seems I had a style way back then.

But the reason for this post - I wanted to be an artist so badly. But things got in the way, self doubt, family, teachers - yes teachers, inner critic.
Then we become the version of us that others want to see......but does this make us happy?
35 odd years on now I am here to tell you, do what makes you happy, do what makes you shine, do what you are passionate about. Don't listen to anyone.
My daughter also wants to be an artist - WOW am I happy. But teachers......I cannot ever begin to tell you about this. Art teachers are S*#T.
Being told that your clould does not look realistic enough....really! have you not heard of abstract art.
Being told you wont make any money being an artist so you will be come an underpaid teacher hating kids.....really!
this is just some of what my daughter has been told this year alone, no wonder kids are all screwed up, not everyone is for uni or a high flying career, some just want to be artists.
So....the point to this looong post - if you have creative blocks around s#%t that people have told you in the past......lets work through that with creative art coaching. Or if you have a kid that is creative but is not given enough creative time at school or at home.
Join one of my classes, have a 1:1 session, let's do some art journaling.
My life is now complete with a little crazy creative every day and I freekin love it!!!!!!!
What are you going to do today to make your life complete?

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