Stress to Success - 6 Week Program

Stress to Success - 6 Week Program

A wellbeing and alignment program.
Working on each piece of you.
Over 6 weeks, we will come together to meet and share.
Meditate, create, connect, build confidence in ourselves.

A 6-week experiential Transpersonal Art Therapy Program for connection to Mind Body and Soul, using art Therapy as a tool for exploration and Mind Body connection.
Transpersonal Art Therapy creates an Inner wisdom or spiritual guidance for self. Resources within a person that are beyond their physical, cognitive, and emotional capacity are revealed through some transpersonal art therapy activities.

Turn your stress into success for both life and business.

Each Saturday Morning fortnight from 10am - 12pm
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Processes to be covered in program

We will use visionary processes and practice.   These processes are where individuals explore human experience outside the realms of ordinary existence, in order to gain and access their inner resources for healing, growth and self-realisation.

We will explore Archetypes.  These are universal roles, patterns, behaviours and symbols that play out in society and within individuals.   Archetypes are represented by mythic characters as well as inherited roles in society.  We will use processes around archetypes to explore and create.

We will further explore shadow of self.   A generally negative aspect of a person that resides in the unconscious; i.e they are not aware of it and would vehemently deny. Yet this aspect may be unintentionally acted upon or brought into action in response to events, people or situations. We will also explore our golden shadow.  Our positive aspects of self that reside in the unconscious and are not recognised or acknowledged by the person but are recognised in other people, thus projected onto others.


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