Kids Creative Art Group - Weekly - Wednesday - 4.00 5.00 Term 4 - Year 3 - Year 6

Kids Creative Art Group - Weekly - Wednesday - 4.00 5.00 Term 4 - Year 3 - Year 6

Term 4 - 9 weeks
Year 3 - Year 6

Term starts Monday 4th October 2021

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Our kids workshops are more about inclusion rather than ability, but we will have fun, we will create and we will be mindful of all our children artists.
A different theme each week for the young ones. We will work on a portfolio for the kids to take home each term.

Fees are for a full term and classes are weekly.
We are a Creative Kids provider
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Located in our art studio in Smeaton Grange

Shop 8

61 Holdsworth Drive, Narellan Vale

Class Overview & Values

These classes are age-appropriate for children between the ages of  Year 3 - year 6.

The Kids focus on a range of processes and mediums across drawing and painting and sculpture to continually build their knowledge and practical skills. Each term there will be a new process and focus on different art styles and art work, encouraging a series and individual projects. All kinds of art styles will be explored including realism, abstract, and more.

We will also feature the works of cultural arts and crafts through the ages. Materials in class are supplied for Term Projects: e.g. pastels, acrylic paint, brushes, paper and canvases etc.
Complimentary Participation in & paid entry into local art prizes where appropriate.

Studio Equipment includes the use of: Painting Easels, Drawing Boards, and other core equipment. Students are issued with all extra drawing and painting media in class.
Students are to bring their own art apron

We work in a non judgmental environment.  All students are encouraged to try all activities.  We will modify activities to suits for various reasons.  We except each child to be respectful to the teachers and to each other.

Any non respectful behavior will be reported directly to parents to chat with their child out side of our class.  We will ask children in class that are being rude of disrespectful to refrain from their behavior.

Week 1

Acrylic painting on canvas – week 1

Week 2

Acrylic painting on canvas – week 2

Week 3

Watercolour painting on watercolour grade paper

Week 4

Clay creations

Week 5

 Mixed media design – using a range of different art mediums on a canvas all at the same time

Week 6

Sketching – we will study perspective

Week 7

Sketching – we will study faces

Week 8

Pencil work – sketching up a storm with graphite and colour graphite – open theme

Week 9

Oil pastels on back paper

Week 10


Alcohol ink and paint pouring art activities on canvas and Yupo paper

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