Charcoal Art Kit - $100

Charcoal Art Kit - $100

Please use coupon code CK2021 for your discount
Mechanical Sharpener, A4 black sketch book, A3 black sketch book, A4 sketch book, coloured charcoals 12 pc, coloured charcoals x 4, charcoal pencils x 12

Voucher number should start with 9999 - We only accept Creative Kids Vouchers.

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To receive the 100% discount, please add the code CK2021 at this point - DO NOT PROCEED WITH YOUR ORDER IF THERE IS A VALUE IN THE CHECKOUT. All packs for 2021 will be posted free of charge

Your creative kids voucher, does not give you the discount only the code CK2021 will give you the discount

You are able to use your creative kids voucher to redeem this kit
All materials are high quality Mont Marte brand quality - these are the products I use in all my workshops and paint sessions.

Online art classes incorporated with this pack will be emailed to you

Here is the link to our charcoal image with black paper

Charcoal Cat Worksheets online



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